Oil-Only Sorbent Booms 5x10 (4/bale)

30.00 (in)
30.00 (in)
30.00 (in)
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Heavy Duty Oil-Only Sorbent Boom 5 inch by 10 foot long with clips.

These booms will only absorb oil-based fluids only, no water and will not sink. Ideal for use on many types of oil spills and leak on open water (oceans, lakes, rivers) or around drains and equipment. 

4 booms each 5 inches by 10 foot long to a bale. 

Boom has a strong polypropylene inner rope to add to it's strength when clipped together to form a long barrier that oil can not pass. Tough polyester netting is used to keep fill inside boom. They also have an outer layer mesh and a mid layer spun-bond stock.